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This is Ecuador: 1. flight to Quito via Bogota 2. Day 1 Quito 3. Cable Car 4. Day 2 5. Equator
6. Flight to Esmeraldas 7. Tonchigue 8. Sua 9. Atacames 10. Muisne 11. Leaving Esmeraldas

Below is Tonchigue

Tonchigue is a tiny fishing village about 3 KM west of Same, along the same stretch of beach. We took a sort of tuk-tuk (motor scooter with a small cart in front for two people which made it quite crowded for three. We came back on one a bit larger with the carriage in the back which was a bit more comfortable but as large trucks passed us within inches we did not feel terribly safe.

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Photo slideshows ( Same, Equator, Muisne, Quito, To Quito
Photos in Picasa 1 Quito, 2 (cable Car, 3 Equator

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