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This is Ecuador: 1. flight to Quito via Bogota 2. Day 1 Quito 3. Cable Car 4. Day 2 5. Equator
6. Flight to Esmeraldas 7. Tonchigue 8. Sua 9. Atacames 10. Muisne 11. Leaving Esmeraldas

Below is Atacames, Esmeraldas Province, Ecuador

Atacames. Atacames is Ecuador's epicenter of seaside celebration. It has the fastest Internet on the coast. Proof is that I uploaded this video in eleven minutes where it took more than half an hour in Sua. Twenty-four hour thatched-roof bars on the sand serve up the most amazing tropical fruit drinks with reggae and salsa beats a bit too loud for us old folks. Ecuadorians and foreigners alike wander led oceanfront filled with hotels and restaurants, checking out the scene.

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Photo slideshows ( Same, Equator, Muisne, Quito, To Quito
Photos in Picasa 1 Quito, 2 (cable Car, 3 Equator

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