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Chattanooga, Tennessee (January & March) > NYC > Utrecht, The Netherlands > Poland > Italy (two day side trip back to NYC for business) > Singapore > Australia > (return to NYC August 25th)  via Atlanta, Georgia, NYC (Christmas to Australia) > Sydney/Melbourne/Adelaide leaving December NYC 22nd continue with 2009 travel

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Trip to NYC after 07 trip = Sydney > Albany, New York > Boston (Manchester-by-the-Sea) > New York City until 23 December > driving to Chattanooga, Tennessee. Planning a short trip to Guatemala City (La Nueva Guatemala de la Asunción) before driving back to NYC - plans still in the making.

2008 is divided into three trips. Trip 1 is a road trip to and from Chattanooga. Leaving New York December 22, 2007, stopping in Baltimore and Towson, Maryland (where Sacha was conceived - May 1980) then meandering down to the Cumberland Plateau in Crossville, Tennessee and

staying at the Mariner's Pointe Resort Mariner's Pointe Resort , 29 December to 05 January then driving back to be at work Monday the seventh;

Trip 2 during Spring Break (2a) to Chattanooga for step-son, Chris' wedding (March 15) then

(2b) Holland for parent's 80th birthday (images/video Holland - March 2008) and staying for ten-days at

De Bergse Bossen
The Netherlands
De Bergse Bossen
Trip 3    is returning home to Adelaide via Warsaw and Italy (our Italy page) and Singapore and
Trip 4
is returning to NYC until December 23rd 2008 and
Trip 5
back to Adelaide for Christmas.

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