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This is Ecuador: 1. flight to Quito via Bogota 2. Day 1 Quito 3. Cable Car 4. Day 2 5. Equator
6. Flight to Esmeraldas 7. Tonchigue 8. Sua 9. Atacames 10. Muisne 11. Leaving Esmeraldas

Below is Muisne, Esmeraldas Province, Ecuador

Muisne We took the boat over the river to the seashore and took a tuk-tuk tour, with strangers (everything the guidebooks
say not to do) to the mangroves. The mangroves use to be a big feature and the livelihood of the locals until a decade ago when some large shrimp farms set up in the area and chopped through the mangroves and destroyed 90 % of them. Now locals do not have work and the shrimp farms are going belly-up do to disease (their karma).   Muisne is one hour south of Same where the coastal road disappears into water across from Muisne, a small island marking the border between Esmeraldas and Manabi provinces.

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Photo slideshows ( Same, Equator, Muisne, Quito, To Quito
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