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J W TYouth Enrichment program & Ross Global Academy

April 01 2009
Edited by Dr. Terrell Neuage http://neuage.org 
JWT is the leading advertising agency in the US and one of the largest in the world. It provides creative ad development, campaign management, and strategic planning services to such clients as Ford, Kimberly-Clark, and Shell. The firm operates in almost 90 countries through more than 300 offices. Founded in 1864.... from Wikipedia 02 April 2009.


Today, the North American Co-President of JWT, Ty Montague, spoke and listened to RGA students. Two groups of RGA 'creatives' presented their advertising ideas for Sour Patch Kids in front of Mr Montague and several of the JWT creatives.

week 6

Week 6 - Continue creative development

April 1 2009


  • Students will be able to analyze other group work based on the specified criteria

Creative Review - share and give feedback as a class
            Make revisions
            HW: put boards into "test" - survey family and friends to test responses to our ideas; keep the target in mind!

Student Responses: 

E'lon Grant
Today at JWT we showed our Sour Patch storyboards to Elyse and her co-workers. It was very exciting. We were actually practicing to present our ideas to the president of the North American Region of the JWT company. When my group presented in front of him I actually did not know it was him. He looked so casual to me. I didn't know who he was until he left and we were about to leave. When everyone had said it was him I was speechless. I also felt very good after I realized who he was because he gave us really good feed back on our commercial idea. I had a lot of fun and I always seem to love this place more and more every time we visit. =D

Keyauna Ramos

JWT today was totally awesome. We met so many new people and I was nervous at first but then i adjusted. Meeting the woman allowing us to experience this program is phenomenal. Words can't explain how amazed i was. Then meeting the manager of the company brought the whole experience to another level.  Nothing is better than getting up in front of the whole JWT family and share my thoughts and ideas. I was excited to actually pitch my idea. I can't wait until the next time we meet. HOPEFULLY THEY'LL CAST ME AS A SOUR PATCH! THATS MY FAVORITE PART. 

Leana Laraque

Today at JWT we met the president of the company, Ty. He talked to us about how advertising changed through out  the years. He told us that since people don't watch TV as much as they used to, companies like JWT have to used other forms of advertising. It was really informative. JWT IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jocelyn Wong

Today we practiced our ideas in front of our teachers, classmates, and JWT workers and creatives. It was kind of nervous, even though the actual presentations are next week. We also got a small visit from the CEO of the company. It was so awesome meeting him. He seemed like a normal, and funny guy, He also got to listen to one of the presentation, which was my groups presentation. It was scary resenting in front of everybody, ecspecially the CEO of the company, but we did fine. Everybody enjoy our Sour Patch Ad. Next week is the real presentation, I hope our group's commercial would be picked. (: