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Week 4

J W T Youth Enrichment program & Ross Global Academy

Edited by Dr. Terrell Neuage http://neuage.org 

Week 4 - 
March 18 2009

Learning Objectives:
  • Understand how communication affects everything we do every day
  • Be able to identify the four personality types (WLC)
  • Understand that there are other theories of personalities
  • Know that communication (relating) skill can be developed
  • Everyone uses learned methods of communication
  • Identify roadblocks to communication
  • Identify and use listening skills
  1. Dr Terrell Neuage at Ross GLobal Academy
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Dr Terrell Neuage at Ross GLobal Academy

Student Responses: 

Today is an amazing day. I discovered something that I didn't know about myself. I didn't know that I was a driver, a person that is focused on results, take charge, make quick decisions, and likes challenges. This program has been great so far. It helped me a lot to discover more about me.

Dr Terrell Neuage at Ross GLobal Academy
We learned about how to socialize today. Ms Jeane taught us about being expressive, analytical, a driver, and amiable. I am an expressive because I am very social with people.

Vincent Wu

Today I found out that I am a tell/task person. (aka “driver”). Drivers are competitive, interruptive, declarative, logical, serious, cool, and other personalities. Our JWT group had more expressive people than analytical, amiable, or drivers.

Tanima Islam

Today at JWT, we learned about social styles. There are 4 different types of social styles, they are analytical, amiable, driver, and expressive. We took small quizzes to figure out our social styles. I am an amiable. An amiable person cooperates to gain agreement, provide support, and communicate trust and confidence. Knowing that I am amiable can help a lot. It can help me know how to get along with different types of people, and adjust what I do to make sure we understand what we can do. It helps us to improve our social skills. It was a lot of fun. 

Matthew Roman

I found out today that I am an analytical, as an advantage as a thinker and how I have a better thought process and I tend to ask more than tell and when asking and observing I can tell people's limit and I can use it all as a vantage point.

E'lon Grant

Today we learned about social styles. I found out I was an expressive but when I learned about the other styles, I felt I should've been an analytical. I also feel I can develop a better relationship with my brother now. This was all presented by Ms. Burgard, our visitor from Prep for Prep. I thik she did a great job getting her point through. 

Keyauna Ramos

    Today is Monday, March 16, 2009. The train was delayed and we were really rushing to get to the JWT building. Nothing slowed us down though. We were determined to get there. Once we got to JWT,  Ms. Jean Burgard from “Prep for P  rep” was there waiting to teach us a meaningful lesson. She was awesome!!!! She really showed me the importance of communications. It was interesting to find out that my social style was expressive. It really defines who I am. It is good knowing what social style I am because it helps me understand people who are opposite of me!! Today was amazing.... I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL THE NEXT SESSION!!!!

Amber VanterpoolDr Terrell Neuage at Ross GLobal Academy

    In JWT today, we learned about different personality types. I am an expressive, which is usually characterized by creating excitement and involvement , sharing ideas, dreams, enthusiasm,and motivating, inspiring or persuading people. I fell that each of these qualities can be used to describe me.

Leana Laraque

    Today we had a Prep for Prep representative, Jean Brugard, teach us about the 4 types of personality dimensions. I came to be an expressive, who creates excitement and involvement, shares drea  ms, ideas and enthusiasm, and motivates, inspires and persuades. This personality fits me perfectly. This class was fantastic.

Jocelyn Wong

    Today we met a Prep for Prep representative, Jean Brugard, and we talked about different social skills and personality types. I came out to be amiable, and all of the characteristics matched me EXACTLY. My personality is supportive, cooperative, trustworthy, confident and I communicate greatly. We had a lot of fun this week. I LOVE JWT!!!!