Week 2

J W TYouth Enrichment program & Ross Global Academy

J W T Youth Enrichment program 

Edited by Dr. Terrell Neuage http://neuage.org 
Week Two
March 02 2009


The Basics of working in a professional environment
Prep for Prep Social Styles Workshop


  • Students learn and understand the different personality types and learn communication skills of dealing with each type

Social Styles Workshop lead by Prep for prep representatives

Students were exposed to the three main components of an advertising team: account manager, planner, and creative. They completed quizzes that revealed which job they were most suited for. We then focused on the account manager at JWT, who is in charge of coordinating among the planner, creative, and client. In order to do so effectively and efficiently, an account manager must be able to communicate using "business professional" talk and interactions.  
Students took on the role of account managers and acted out several scenarios with colleagues in other departments to  accomplish tasks requiring immediate attention. (As seen toward the end of the video on the right)

Below are examples of how the students as account managers would address the 'creatives' and give them a little nudge forward in their production timetable. 

Dear Creatives,
I really appreciate your work and effort and hard work towards our Swedish Fish campaign. Recently, we've received a memo describing our time left and it would be tremendously helpful if we could add more detail to your designs for the campaign and finish the idea. I'll keep you posted and thanks again.
Matty, Vincent, and Jimmy

Dear Creatives,
As you know, our deadline for the new Swedish Fish candy flavor is soon approaching. I understand that you've been working hard on the Stride Gum commercial. Since our deadline is approaching, it would be great if you could focus on the Swedish Fish ad. I really have to show this to the makers at Swedish Fish, and if there is anything you need help with, we are here. I know you are working hard and I really appreciate that. Please and thank you.
Truly yours,
Ayanna, Keyauna, and Ibrahima

Dear Fellow Employees,
I understand that you have been very busy with your Stride commercial, but it would be greatly appreciated if any of you could spare some time to work on the very important new Swedish Fish flavor. It would be very helpful to my team if you could help.

With thanks,
LeJocelon Bond

Dear Creatives,
I would really appreciate if you can help create a new Swedish Fish flavor. I understand you are working diligently on the Stride commercial. It would be great if you can lend a hand. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me.
Amber, Christina, Sabrina