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Week 3

J W TYouth Enrichment program & Ross Global Academy

J W T Youth Enrichment Program 
Edited by Dr. Terrell Neuage http://neuage.org 

Week 3 - Defining Ideas - How a Campaign Begins: The Strategy Behind the Ad / Integrated Campaigns
March 09 2009

Students will be able to analyze advertisements based on the strategy used.
Students will be able to identify what makes up an integrated campaign.

Define and explain strategy - where come from, how developed, etc.
Examples of how strategy emerged for different brands using case studies
Show how all components are developed based on a similar strategy and how they all integrate with one another (with examples)
Brainstorm Exercies: Show examples of major campaigns and have kids guess and think about the idea that was behind that campaign.
Brainstorm Exercise: Give the kids a JWT brand - can we think of a strategy that would achieve a brand objective


Defining Ideas Week Three

Student responses to week three:

Matthew - Today at JWT I learned how their thoughts and plans are brought to life. One of the advertising commercial I saw used a whole story line and how over time the beliefs and plans rolled from the start to finish and I loved watching the hard work of people come to life.
The Nike and Jet Blue adds used problems in general in our lives and they returned and stood on top.

Vincent - Today was not as fun as most days, because there was more talking than any other things but I liked watching the Stride/Nike commercials because they're funny.

Christina - Today at JWT we met with a planner named Nicholas. We talked about ideas and what they mean for people. We also talked about how one idea can transform into some many others. We talked about “360 Ideas”. These ideas are Universal and everyone can relate to them. Nicholas also showed us commercials with big ideas. These ideas turn into others that can affect the lives of so many people. Overall it turned out to be a humorous day.

E'lon - Today Nicholas, a planner at JWT, came in and explained the different types of ideas. There were 360 ideas, small ideas, and big ideas. He showed us the Stride campaign, which was an exxample of a big idea. It started out small but it got more interesting and well, bigger. He also showed us a Nike commericial that had a song that's now stuck in my head. (I got soul but I'm not a soldier.) It was really funny.

Leana Laraque - Today, Nicolas, a planner, taught us about how a campaign is made. He showed us the strategies planners use and what the finished product it. He also taught us about ide
as. There were 3 kinds: 360, big, and small. He showed us a brand story web and what it meant. It was really interesting.

Jocelyn Wong - Today we learned about ideas and plans with two of the professional planners, Nicholas and Claudia. We talked about the different aspects of an ad or commerical and different parts that are included. We also discussed about different advertisements and what would make a consumer buy the product. After that, we saw a few familiar commericals, a Stride commercial, and a JetBlue commercial. They were both AWESOME!! I can't wait to come back next Monday.

Tanima Islam - Today, we learned about ideas. We learned about how much thought and time goes into ideas. We learned that the consumers had to be able to relate to the ideas or ads. It was really interesting to see the process it takes to make a commercial. The brand has to relate to a lot of the consumers because there are more than one brands. Choosing the words to support the campaign is also important. The choice of words to describe something makes a difference. All in all, the meeting was really fun.

Keyauna Ramos - Today's session was unbelievable. Who would have ever thought there was so much thought behind an ad. I learned about 360 ideas and integrated ideas. Mr. Nicholas was awesome in explaining big ideas that connected to everybody as opposed to ads that just state information. I was also able to look at great commercials that had meaning. Stride, Nike, and JetBlue are commercials and ads with meaning. Today was totally awesome. Everyone seemed interested and I'm so excited about the next session. I CAN'T WAIT!