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Week 5 - Start our own TV Sour Patch Kids Campaign

March 25 2009

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Activities:Dr Tererll Neuage at Ross GLobal Academy

Dr Tererll Neuage at Ross GLobal Academy

Student Responses


This is a great and creative program. Today I learned a lot of stuff that will help me to have skills of being a real person that makes commercials. Vincent, Tanima, and I were making our own commercials of  sour patch kids. It was like the real thing. We began our planing. This was a really fun day....... XD ^_^

Amber Vanterpool

Today at JWT, we met with five of the creators who talked with us about making new ideas and creating storyboards.  We broke out into groups of three and began to create our own Sour Patch Kids storyboards.  We were then given an assignment to fill out a questionnaire in which we had to ask some of our peers what they thought about our work. This was one of the most fun sessions at JWT in my opinion. I look forward to going back again next week to present our ideas.

Dr Tererll Neuage at Ross GLobal Academy
Tanima Islam

Today at JWT, we started to brainstorm on different commercial ideas. We separated into groups of three to come up with our own storyboard ideas for Sour Patch. We had to use their well known phrase of Sweet. Sour. Gone. Our storyboards had to revolve around this phrase. We had to work as a group and come up with 4 different storyboards. Our homework was to show people from the ages of 12-17 our ideas and see what they think of them. The ideas were really creative, and we had a really fun time. 

E'lon Grant

Today at JWT, we started on our Sour Patch commercials. We broke up into groups of 3 and came up with four ideas for a commercial. My group was with Jocelyn and Leana. One idea that we all created together was that three Sour Patch kids threw 3 kinds of balls at a girl. When they felt guilty they all made up. I felt this idea was out of the box because all the Sour Patch Kids commercials.

Jocelyn Wong

Today we had a visit from some JWT creatives. They talked about their jobs and how to brainstorm different ideas for creating an ad. We got to get into groups of 3 (me, leana, and e'lon) and create 4 ideas for the sour patch brief. It was very fun! At the end our group created 4 ideas, they were funny and entertaining. We had such a great time! For homework we have to question 2 people and ask for their opinion about our ideas. Jocelyn Wong. :) 

Dr Tererll Neuage at Ross GLobal Academy
Ibrahima Diallo

Today at JWT we met different creatives. They told us about how creatives work. We saw the lady who works with Sour Patch Kids. Following that we made our own storyboard ideas for a Sour Patch Kids commercial.

Christina Ioukliaevskikh
Today at JWT we met with Sour Patch creatives. We talked about how
storyboards are made with the ideas, and how the commercials are made.
We also got a start on our Sour Patch storyboards! We worked in groups
and put our (awesome) ides together. Altogether I had a great time
sharing my Sour Patch ideas with my friends! 
Dr Tererll Neuage at Ross GLobal Academy
Week five of JWT was amazing and exciting. We also started our Sour patch campaign. My group "Christina & Amber and me", started working on four of our Sour patch campaigns. Workers from Sour patch also helped us with our campaign. I'm so excited to pitch our ideas next week!