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Week 1

J W T Youth Enrichment program & Ross Global Academy

Dr. Neuage with JWT Youth Enrichment programThis workshop is an extension of the enrichment program currently established at RGA and is an incredible opportunity for RGA students to learn firsthand what it takes to become successful in the world of advertising. From analyzing successful ads to creating our own ads using real JWT production equipment, students will find themselves immersed in an exciting field of real world applications.

YouthAD is the result of much collaboration among RGA, JWT Advertising Company, the Prep for Prep club, and the OneClub. Ms. Vilkins is the main point person from RGA, and she is working in collaboration with Dr. Neuage and Ms. Lapsley in developing the broader enrichment curriculum.

JWT is one of the most famous names in advertising history. The agency has an enormous impact on this field, with 200 offices in 90 different countries.

Prep for Prep and the OneClub Adversity are non-profit organizations that will be assisting us throughout the curriculum in various ways.

The final ad after eleven weeks of work: ad 1 Windows Meda Video, as Flash; ad 2 as Windows Meda Video, as Flash

Week 1 - Introduction to Advertising
February 25 2009


  • Students will be able to explain the importance of advertising and basic elements therein.
  • Students will be able to explain the expectations of the workshop in which they are involved.

JWT agency video
Overview of nine-week curriculum
Intro to advertising (print, radio, TV, online)
Define the roles within the agency: Account, planning, creative
Tour of the agency
Q & A

Students were asked to write about their first impressions...


Today was the first time we visited JWT. It was a very great experience. First, we settled in the conference room where we enjoyed a snack and introduced ourselves. After that we watched a few of the JWT productions of the products that they have worked on. Many of the commercials we watched were familiar ones that we have seen on TV or on the computer. Once we were done, Elyse took us on a tour around JWT. We saw the different working spaces and studios in which they had meetings, and entertainment and production time. We went back down in the conference room and ended our day at JWT. It was a great time and experience and I am looking forward to spending the next 12 weeks here at JWT.

Today we toured the JWT offices. The entire building is colorful, creative, and fun. They have game rooms, conference rooms, and even break rooms. The coolest thing is that it doesn't seem like an office, it's like a giant playhouse! I really liked all the technology being used there. Everything is modern and high tech. I would love to work here !! (>The Place is awesome!! Elyse is AWESOME and nice. <)

From the tour I was given I saw different kinds of chairs, They all seem very comfortable, My dream would be to work here because they have food and games here. The games include foosball, pool, and a lot more other cool stuff. Also the working space is very comfortable and big. The designs were interesting and creative. Like the grass on the wall and other designs which I can't explain but it was awesome.

Today at JWT headquarters we have seen the different types of brands that hired them to make a commercial. For example, Huggies, Stride and Jet Blue. There are colorful rooms with a
wonderful lounge. This gives us a great amount of free space of mind to think freely. It is a wonderful site.

My experience at JWT was amazing. People were nice, the area was great: the office, the people, the advertisement, the space, the cafe, the conference room. Ms. Alyse, the instructor and the people are really nice.

Dr. Neuage with JWT Youth Enrichment program  Dr. Neuage with JWT Youth Enrichment program
In the beginning to the end of this tour I was still amazed of this place ex = chairs
out of the world design, creativeness, etc.
This open space gave me an idea of amazement, stunning, and a mind full of ideas.

Today was our first time at the JWT offices! When we arrived we ate a snack in the "DECK" room while we watched commercials of some of the JWT clients. We also toured around the building. It looks AWESOME and it was really colorful, which made the enviroment comforting and peaceful. The woman behind all this is Elyse. A really cool part of this day was meeting a man who showed us a "Bailey's" commerical in the sound boothroom. This was a really great experience and I can't wait to experience more!!!!

Today we took a tour of the the JWT building. There were many colors that made it look like a fun place to work. The people looked nice and the place seemed relaxing becaue of hte variety of fun looking chairs. They also provided snacks like prezels and rice crispy treats and on the tour we got sourpatches. It was really fun adn interesting. We had such a fun time. I also REALLY, REALLY, REALLY....LOVED the clicky pens.

I had an amazing experience at JWT walking through the halls and I got to see many different environments in work and how peoople function at JWT.
Through these halls, just from looking at the different age groups and how people dress I saw the free spaces and how fun and how there are so many different personalities and projects.

The first day at JWT was absolutely amazing from the moment we walked into the building. Dr. Neuage with JWT Youth Enrichment programFrom the ground floor looking up all you see is glass, it looked gorgeous. They had a piece of art hanging and looking up at it was amazing. Even the elevator ride up was amazing.
Coming to the conference room the place was pretty colorful. Every room was a different color and different kinds of chairs decorated the place. The conference room had a nice view to look at and the place was just really nice.
The tour was really nice the people were really nice and polite. The colors were so bright and appealing. The equipment looked really cool The building was really creative because the office holes or some cubicles had walls around them with words in them and the letters ripped off and hanging from them. The place had their products and client's things and that was really cool.

Today is February 25, 2009 and it's a Wednesday afternoon. When we first entered the JWT building I was so amazed. Built out of glass, the elevators were totally awesome. I found it to be so cool that there's an elevator for each floor. It was great that they actually had everything set up. The presentation of the many clients JWT have was so great. I really appreciated the fact that they gave me snacks. While we were taking the tour we saw so many great wonderful things. Looking at people actually working and the huge cubicles rocked!!! The fact that everything was full of color and excitement made me want to work here. The furniture was amazing as well. The nice bubbl

Google Video

e chairs and beanbags made the office environment so relaxing. I'm hoping to soon have an internship here at JWT. The office environment is something that I can see myself in. JWT R.O.C.K.S.!!!

  • The office was filled with colors which was exciting.
  • it seems like a fun place to work
  • I'm very excited to be coming here during the next few weeks
  • The studio where voice overs are done looks awesome
  • Elyse was our guide who was very nice
  • We saw some of the advertisements JWT worked on all throughout the offices
  • I had so much fun

My experience at JWT was very amazing. When I first got here I noticed that the building was really big and when we went inside it looked very glassy.
After we finished signing in we turned the corner and went into this beautiful office. When we got into the conference room there were snacks waiting for us.
When we were done eating our snacks. Elyise showed us commercials that JWT made like for Jet Blue, Huggies, Stride and more.

Week 2

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