To Sydney airport

Nothing like getting on the wrong freeway and going over the Sydney Harbour Bridge three times to eat up time. The first problem seems to stem from the fact that the major freeway into Sydney with the blinking airport sign goes through the tunnel which only those who have some electronic pass (similar to the ezay pass in New York/New Jersey) are permitted such delights to partake of. Us mere foreign mortals are directed to the bridge which has a couple of conflicting signs. The first time over I asked at the ‘change only’ booth and was directed to go forward then a left and a few rights and over some other byway then signs to the airport would magically appear. Of course they never did and I forgot the directions after the first right then the next left and somehow found myself in the lane of no changes that went back over the bridge and into North Sydney where I asked at Flight Centre for directions. A male said to be sure I was in the left lane going over the bridge and the female said to be sure I was in the right lane. Not believing either one I found signs leading once again to the bridge then I saw the airport sign ; in the left lane. I took this video – probably more dangerous filming and driving in a narrow lane at 100 K’s than to talk on the phone – actually I have done that before – talked on the phone whilst filming and using my knees to keep the car on path. More videos at by Terrell Neuage.

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