2. Ferrara, Italy June 23, 2008

It’s managing to stay pretty hot in these parts. At night we use fans (no air con, which I don’t really mind) and most nights we sleep well. The house we are staying in is just gorgeous. Built around the 17th cent, it’s part of the monastery (I think) of San Giorgio Cathedral, just up the road, or should I say cobbled path. Actually the church tower has a decided lean to it; don’t know if they’ve noticed, it’s not in the guide books. Terrell is thinking of phoning the Minister of the Interior. We often do that when we have a concern in a country.
We have 2 old rickety bikes, just our style, and they make a good job of the cobbles. (sore bums but what are you going to do)The whole town is flat so bikes is the modus operandi for most of the old ladies and us. Downstairs is all arches and stone pillars and stone tiles floor. Well, you’ll just have to see the photos.
My first impression of this part of the world was the colours. They range from a brick red to butter yellow and all the shades in between. All the building are these colours, in Ferrara, and also what I have seen of Bologna. It’s quite striking; then you have narrow streets, cobbled, with buildings from the 12th century…blimey.
The local supermarket (actually this was not brick red, kinda modern and green) is the Adelaide Central Market multiplied by 100, add to that cheap, cheap red wine and you’re in heaven. So why did all those Italians leave Italy and move to South Aus? (Tanya, any wise words on that one?) Beats me!
We’re staying here for 9 nights, which is long and lovely.
So until next episode,
Buon Giorno

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