Narda and Terrell Mexico City 29 March - 07 April 2007

Xochimilco canals (more canals video) (photos) view as Windows Media Video as youtube also see our updated Friday, April 1, 2011 9:18 PM

According to the Códice Ramírez, Xochimilco (“place where flowers grow”) was originally founded on an island in Lago de Xochimilco in 919 b.c. by a Náhuatl-speaking tribe that called themselves Xochimilcas. Semi-independent of the Aztecs, they fought many wars with neighboring tribes before the Spanish conquest. Today, the central colonia of Xochimilco serves as a living museum for prehispanic Mexico City
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Individual photo folders: museo nacional de antropolgia, Xochimilco canals, Casa Gonzalez, Chapultepec, Centro Historico, Dallas airport, Frida Kahlo, Mexico graffiti, Teotihuacán ‘s pyramid of the Sun and Moon, sculpture and statues, village of Tepoztlan, City Centre - Zocalo, the Zona Rosa district, Catedral

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video taken 03 April 2007 Mexico City, Mexico

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