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I just read an email that there was a knife point robbery in the doorway of our building in Brooklyn. So right now we are probably safer in Mexico City! But this can also happen in Coles, Dernancourt or any other place...so we just keep living our lives. We spent some time on the subway today, and visited the ´floating gardens´. It´s actually a large area of canals in the south of Mexico City and tourists can hire these barges, complete with driver who pushes the thing along using a long pole, and had a lovely day. It´s really a market, because other barges with food, bands, rugs, and all sorts are selling their wares (you pay the bands $2.50 to play requests), but we had a nice relaxing day .
 Apparently the city was built on the lake, the water has been drained, but over the years (centuries) the water table has dropped (with the population of 35 million it´s hardly surprising!) and it is slowly sinking.at the rate of several inches per year. It was founded in 1325 by the Aztecs ) a pretty blood thirsty bunch by all accounts...they fed humans to their sun god to make sure he would rise again each morning...and there´s more!)
We´re trying to learn a bit about all this. Yesterday we checked out the huge Cathadral, where there were services going for Palm Sunday (see we did not forget!) This cathedral is also sinking, and is a little crooked....but pretty impressive, with a massive golden altar at the front. Our wanderings home (you guessed it....got a little lost!) we found ourselves in a rather seedy neighbourhood...lots of prostitutes checking Terrell out...but the markets were good and we got some great thongs. Stay tuned to Terrell´s wonderful UTube offerings.
We´ve discovered a local grocery store, and are doing a little eating at home, feeling a little tacoed out! and there´s also Walmart...of course, but disappointingly expensive.
We are starting to feel quite at home here. There is no TV in this guest house, and that´s a holiday in itself!
love Narda and Terrell

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