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A very large hole was blasted into the cliff side for a basketball court. It is 18-feet deep and so far has taken about a year to build. There were 32 cement trucks a day going up this country road for several months. The neighbours say a family is building it for their young son who likes to play basketball at home. It has cost more than a million dollars so far we were told. People in the community are very upset that council did not stop it. Hundred-year old trees were uprooted and a section of the cliff that goes into the sea was destroyed – after millions of years it takes one arrogant human only a few months to destroy the landscape. Manchester-by-the-Sea in Eastern Massachusetts, north of Boston and south of Rockport is a beautiful place. We stayed here with our friends after ten weeks of traveling around the world for a restful week before going back to work in New York City.

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