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Newfoundland New Jersey ~ The Station Agent

Newfoundland is the name of an unincorporated area in West Milford, New Jersey. It is located along the New York, Susquehanna and Western Railway tracks and Route 23. It is the mailing address of Green Pond, a private lake that is in Rockaway Township.
The Station Agent is a 2003 American independent film about a dwarf who moves to live in an abandoned train station in rural Newfoundland, New Jersey to live a life of solitude. It was written and directed by Thomas McCarthy.


Finbar "Fin" McBride (Peter Dinklage) is a handsome 30-ish single guy with achondroplasic dwarfism.The beginning of the movie demonstrates the reason why Fin is so withdrawn, as the people around him treat him poorly, and he consequently feels increasingly ostracized. He becomes bitter and withdrawn. He works at a model train hobby shop owned by a similarly silent friend Henry (Paul Benjamin). Henry dies unexpectedly and his will leaves Fin a bit of property with a disused railroad station agent's home on it. Fin sets off to find the place by walking down the railroad tracks, as he can't drive. He moves into the old building hoping for a life of solitude from the cruelties of APs (Average size People). He's a trainspotter.
He finds himself reluctantly becoming enmeshed in the lives of his neighbors, especially Olivia (Patricia Clarkson), a forty-year-old artist who has troubles with her broken marriage and is coping with the death of her young son, and obnoxiously friendly Joe (Bobby Cannavale) a thirty-year-old Cuban American who is working in his dad's snack truck for the summer.
The Station Agent dealt with many themes throughout, mainly focusing on loneliness and seclusion from others. Particular scenes include when Fin stands up in the bar shouting "take a look!" and when the woman in a shop takes a picture of him. Dinklage portrays Fin's emotions and feelings through a variety of facial expressions and body language.

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